Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It has been difficult to write a mission statement, since I am unsure of what I want to pursue in life, not to mention, just in school. However, when examining my passions and what I dislike in this world, I can get a feeling for how I want to leave my mark on the world and society. When thinking about both my positive and negative passions, I’ve concluded that I tend to try to keep my views as worldly and open as possible. This is probably due to the fact that I’ve travelled a lot for my age, and that I went through the International Baccalaureate program, which emphasized a more worldly view. For instance though, I love to learn about different societies how they vary, and how people think and act like they do. I dislike it when people hate others, or have intolerance for other cultures when they don’t know enough to make those judgments, or when they just can’t see beyond their own perspective in life.I’m unsure how I would like to incorporate my passions into a mission for life. Fields of study that I’m interested in would lead me many possibilities of making a mark in the world incorporating my passions. One path would lead me to the study of societies around the world, or how people develop their intolerance for other cultures, and how best to adjust, amend, modify, or change this. Another would guide me to actively changing how our nation interacts with other countries, in international relations. Here at home, I could become a teacher and help guide students on a path of widening their perceptions of the world and encouraging them to search for truth, and not just take what is given to them at face value. There are all these choices, opportunities to make my mark in the world, both locally and internationally, and yet no conclusion or decisions, just more possibilities that continue to arise in my mind. I know that the actions that I want to define my life, I seek to understand, value, learn, experience, change, analyze, love, embrace, cherish, enlighten, and forgive. Most importantly I want to love, understand, and change people and places. Still I can’t decide what my core is, what I want to do deep down, what my passion for my life will be. I know that I want to seek the truth, and seek to understand humans and their feelings, thoughts and actions. Right now in my life I realize that my life may not have a focus. Like any college student, the idea of deciding what I want to do with rest of my life is daunting, especially with all the new aspects of life that keep being revealed to me. Yet I know that education is important to me, and always has been. Hopefully somewhere along the journey I will find a focus group, a group that I can be passionate about working with. I’m excited to see how my mission statement grows, and changes to reflect my changing interests and personality.